5ième Big Task des Alpes du Sud "Classe 2" (25/07-1/08/20)

Attention to non members of the French Hang Gliding Federation (FFVL)
The link to register is at the end of this text
Competition opened to FAI Class 2 hang gliders, equipped with an electric auxiliary engine or not.
Date: from July the 25th till August the 1st
Place: 05140, Aspres sur Buëch airfield, in the southern french Alps
Maximum number of pilots allowed of all nationalities 50
Maximum number of non-National pilots allowed 40
All pilots must have a valid FAI Sporting Licence, registered on the FAI database.
All pilots must have a €5million third party insurance valid in France; a policy, issued by FFVL, will be
available for pilots not having such an insurance.
All pilots must have a valid Search & Rescue insurance, and are strongly recommended to have a personal accident and repatriation insurance.
Local regulations are here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a6op2z7oyn43p26/LocalRules.pdf?dl=0
Registration open from February the 15th 2020 20:00 CET
Registration fee 100€, 160€ if paid after May the 31st
Registration deadline July the 25th 8:30pm CET
More informations here: https://www.ultralight-glider.com/en/pages/events-2020/4th-southern-alps-big-task-1.html

Click here to access registration form and registration list

Statut : Calendrier officiel
  • courriel : pascal.lanser
  • téléphone : 0643181689
  • 50 pilotes maximum
  • Frais d'inscription : 100 euros
  • Pas de report

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