Prémondiaux classe 1 fille, sport, classe 2 et 5 (3-13/07/13)

"welcome to the 2013 Preworld in Annecy"
All the infos you may need are given here:

This page is intended to register to the Pre-Worlds. It concerns only foreign pilots Women, Sport class, class 2 and class 5.

Don't pay before you receive an e-mail from the organization inviting you to pay. A check has to be done to verify if you are allowed to participate to the competition.

Your final entry will be confirmed by e-mail once payment is received.

Registration fee is set at 280 € if you pay before the 15th of May 2013.
After the 15th, it is 350 €.

Caution: due to a major bicycle event (non professional "Tour de France"), hotels and campings are going to be fully booked. Discount rate is available to the camping "la Nublière" once you are registered to the Preworld or French Open.

Click here to access registration form and registration list

Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI et compte pour le WPRS :
  • nombre de participants : 8
  • coef nombre de participants : 1.016
  • coef valeur des participants : 0.274
  • coef de reussite : 0.5 (1 manches)
  • valeur initiale au WPRS : 13.9pts
detail des resultats
Statut : resultats provisoires
04/09/2013 : La validation n'est pas possible, car le detail des manches n'est pas saisi (mon compte / compet parapente / manches internationales)7 pilotes participants
points du premier au general : 1987
1Fabien GARING19871000pts (1er)
2Serge MAINENTE1392700pts (2ème)
3Benoit BENIER965965pts (3ème)Styl +M
4Martijn DOELANDNLD905455pts (4ème)
5Jean-marc GOURDON693348pts (5ème)
6FREDERIC VAUTHIER668336pts (6ème)
7Anne-sophie MENEZ667335pts (7ème)
  • date manche :
  • nb pil but : 0
  • type manche : Race
  • type site :
  • distance : 0
  • distance premier : 0
  • temps premier :
  • points premier : 0
manche 1 validée le 0
1Fabien GARINGimport FAI auto0.00.00.010000
2Serge MAINENTEimport FAI auto0.00.00.07000
3Benoit BENIER0.00.00.09650Styl +M
4Martijn DOELANDNLDimport FAI auto0.00.00.04550
5Jean-marc GOURDONimport FAI auto0.00.00.03480
6FREDERIC VAUTHIERimport FAI auto0.00.00.03360
7Anne-sophie MENEZimport FAI auto0.00.00.03350