Mondiaux Classe 1 fille, Sport, Classe 2 et 5 (21/06-4/07/14)

"welcome to the 2014 Preworld in Annecy"
All the infos you may need are given here:

This page is intended to register to the Pre-Worlds. It concerns only foreign pilots Women, Sport class, class 2 and class 5.

Don't pay before you receive an e-mail from the organization inviting you to pay. A check has to be done to verify if you are allowed to participate to the competition.

Your final entry will be confirmed by e-mail once payment is received.

Registration fee is set at 280 € if you pay before the 15th of May 2014.
After the 15th, it is 350 €.

Caution: due to a major bicycle event (non professional "Tour de France"), hotels and campings are going to be fully booked. Discount rate is available to the camping "la Nublière" once you are registered to the Preworld or French Open.

Click here to access registration form and registration list

Statut : Calendrier officiel
  • courriel : cdfdelta2014annecy
  • téléphone : 0689491284 ou 0689491284
  • 150 pilotes maximum
  • Manifestation reservee aux ailes de type Delta Class 1, Delta Class Sport, Rigide Class 2, Rigide Class 5
  • Frais d'inscription : 450 euros + 80 euros si inscription - de 34 jours avant (18/05/2014)
  • Pas de report

Les organisations de Delta club annecy

18 au 21 mai 23
Compète nationale delta - Annecy
6 au 8 mai 22
ANNULATION MTO Compète nationale delta - Annecy
12 au 18 juin 21
Championnat de France / ANNECY
8 au 10 mai 20
ANNULATION - Annecy Lake Opencompetition annulée
22-23 juin 19
Challenge du Comité National Delta - Annecy
25-26 mai 19
Compète Open d'Annecycompetition annulée
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