Championnat de France Delta, Laragne 2014 (10-16/08/14)

This page is intended to register to the French Open. It concerns only foreign class 1 Men pilots.

Don't pay before you receive an e-mail from the organization inviting you to pay. A check has to be done to verify if you are allowed to participate to the competition.

Your final entry will be confirmed by e-mail once payment is received. Your name will appear in the List of Participants

Registration fee is set at 120 € if you pay before the 15th of May 2014.
Over the 15th, it is 150 €.

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Cette competition est inscrite au calendrier FAI
Statut : Calendrier officiel
  • courriel : jlfoglia
  • téléphone : 0676369528
  • 120 pilotes maximum
  • Manifestation reservee aux ailes de type Delta Class 1, Delta Class Sport, Rigide Class 5
  • Frais d'inscription : 120 euros + 140 euros si inscription - de 15 jours avant (26/07/2014)
  • Pas de report
Bienvenue aux prochains championnats de France Delta sur Laragne
Ils se dérouleront en même temps que le championnat du Royaume Uni.

L'Open de Chabre proposera donc un classement commun à tous les compétiteurs

Les inscriptions se font préférentiellement sur le site FFVL, via le module d'inscription en ligne. Vous pouvez également régler votre inscription par chèque, à l'adresse indiqué.

French Nationals Hang Gliding Championship and Laragne Open 2014, 10-16 August 2014
Local organizer: A.v.o.l.i.a.
Meet directors: Jean-louis FOGLIA (French Nationals and Chabre Open) and Nick Pain (UK Nationals and Chabre Open)
Welcome to the site of the French National hang gliding and Chabre Open, to take place in Laragne and which will be jointly held with the UK Hang gliding National Championships.
The general classification for the Chabre Open will also include pilots participating in the French and UK National Championships and the competition will be open to Class 1, Sport Class and Class 5 hang gliders.
The competition headquearters will be in the Town Hall of Laragne and the competition will include a dinner party on Wednesday 13 July
Cost of registration is 120 Euros, or 140 euros after 26 July

Registration for the French and international pilots will be on-line via the French Free Flight Federation’s (FFVL) website. You may also pay for your registration by sending a cheque to the following address.
Contact telephone: 0676369528

Tourist Office pour renseignements hébergement

Les organisations de A.v.o.l.i.a.

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